Virtual Desktops

About VDI On Demand


Leostream Cloud Desktops provides fully functional, personalisable, and persistent desktops without the cost and hassle associated with obtaining hardware, configuring operating systems, or building Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). Offered is secure, reliable access to your desktops from any device of your liking. Most importantly, you pay for only what you use.

How it works

Available anytime, anywhere, from any device

No more lugging around a laptop, or lacking access to your desktop while traveling. You can connect to your Leostream Cloud Desktops from your Apple® mobile device using the Leostream Connect application. And, the integrated Ericom AccessNow HTML5 RDP client makes Leostream Cloud Desktops accessible from almost any end-point device with internet connectivity, including laptops, locked-down PCs, thin clients, Chromebooks, Androids, RIM Blackberry / Playbook, and more.

Personalised and persistent

Your Leostream Cloud Desktops are neither shared nor temporary! They are yours, and only yours. Personalise it as you want; add whatever applications you need. Your desktop, data and personalisations will be with you until you decide to delete your desktop. You never have to manage roaming profiles or third-party solutions for personalisation management.

Inexpensive and hassle-free

Your Leostream Cloud Desktops cost as little as US$20 a month. You never pay any up-front fees and aren't locked into any long term contracts. In addition, you pay for only what you use. We prorate your desktop costs based on your monthly use.

What Does it Cost?

Leostream Cloud Desktops are available in two models, Standard and Premium.


  • US$20 a month - desktop automatically powers down after it's been idle for 2 hours
  • US$40 a month - desktop never automatically powers down.
  • 516 MB of memory
  • 20 GB of storage
  • Ideal for running office applications

  • US$40 a month - desktop automatically powers down after it's been idle for 2 hours.
  • US$80 a month - desktop never automatically powers down
  • 1.7 GB of memory
  • 30 GB of storage
  • Recommended for processor-intensive applications
VDI on Demand

Secure and reliable

Worried about putting your desktop in the cloud? Never fear. Leostream Cloud Desktops is build on Amazon EC2™. The Amazon EC2 service is committed to a 99.95% availability, and provides a variety of mechanisms for securing your desktop.

On top of that, we simplify and secure your desktop login by using an encrypted, single-use token to authenticate you into your desktop. You enjoy the benefit of single-click sign-on, while ensuring that no one else can access your desktop in the cloud.

Easy to manage

The Leostream Cloud Desktops Web interface makes creating, imaging, and deleting desktops in the cloud a few short clicks away. You can also administer desktops for other users by easily registering new users with your account and creating desktops for them. The interface includes details about your account, allowing you to see who's using their desktop and how long they are using it.


Leostream Desktops Support the Dell-Wyse Zero Client